Bart Gold

Funny Story.


Bart Gold is a broad spectrum content creator. As a screenwriter, Bart has written film scripts for Universal Pictures, Lawrence Gordon and Lionsgate. At DreamworksTV he wrote live action sketch and animated shorts starring Dreamworks‘ franchise characters such as Shrek, Puss In Boots, Madagascar’s King Julien and Kung Fu Panda.

Bart worked as a joke writer for JackFM’s national network on
ABC rock radio, and as a story analyst for the one-act play festival Sci-Fest LA and film producers including New Line, Brett Ratner, Richard Donner, Wendy Finerman and Jerry Bruckheimer.

Bart works as a producer on storytelling show Don’t Tell My Mother and has worked on reality TV including The Bachelor, Bridezillas, National Geographic’s Building Wild, and shows on MTv, BET and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Bart has also produced web content such as Crazy Making Behavior, The Humungus Reacts, the Myst spoof MYLK and webtoons including A South Park Orange.

An avid maker, Bart’s art has been spotlighted on Mental Floss, BoingBoing, the Onion’s AV Club and other fun spots around the web. Bart has worked in the fabrication of props for projects including Star Trek, Babylon Five, Numbers, The Island, Solaris, and the movie Minority Report.  Bart makes 2d and 3d work, graphics, and edgy TV show lunchboxes.


A role as a Nerd in the Brent Spiner web series Fresh Hell spawned a series of Nerdshirt designs, edging Bart improbably into the worlds of Star Trek footnotedom and apparel design. 


Along the way, he has jumped from a perfectly good airplane, been called ‘talented and creative’ by Jon Voight and watched several friends from the world of Improv travel from obscurity to fame.  It is all so very very weird.  Bart hails from Newton, Mass.  He is married and lives in Los Angeles.

Bart Gold story analyst, script reader, screenplay consultant