Some available Screenplays

    which are not currently under

    producer’s option.  (Some have 

    been under option.) 

Anthology for Kids Need to Read.

Bart’s story appears among selections from 14 WGA members.

Kids Need to Read.
is a national nonprofit foundation that promotes childhood literacy and addresses the crisis in library funding that currently exists in the United States.

Bart’s self-published comic fanzine.  Previously available at various Boston record stores.  A history of a young writer’s mind.

Bart’s recent writing for DreamworksTV includes sketch show OMG! on Go90, Verizon’s new video network accessed via free app.

Bart’s Animated projects for DreamworksTV can be seen on Go90 and Dreamworks’ Youtube network. (Over 1,500,000 subscribers)

To see the complete run, download Go90. Some of the Rap Battles No One Asked For sketches are on DreamworksTV’s Youtube .

Go90 shorts include various animated pieces featuring Shrek and Donkey, Puss In Boots, King Julien of the Madagascar franchise and Kung Fu Panda